Monday, October 13, 2008


So here we have a beautiful love seat... and there is also a matching over-stuffed chair..... those are vacuum marks... done worry... it is microsuede and practically brand new... i bought them from Zions Bank.. when they were eliminating a department.... i was super excited about them brought them home, SURPRISED my husband... only for him .... to hate them! now Ry is a very easy going guy... and i had to fight off a couple of people at the bank in order to get them... but he is not a fan... something about the riviots.... but i dug them and still do!!!
so i decided to sell them.... it is the loveseat and the chair.. both microsuede... they were only used in a department for 6 months and then the department was dissolved... i am only asking what i have put into them so we are going to sell the both of them in a packaged deal for 400.00.... any takers...???? if anyone is interested... or if you know anyone that is interested please let me know.... they are super cozy and you almost fall asleep instantly... if you snuggle up in the crease you just get lost!!!...  the chair looks identical... only half of this... haha!! if you would like to see photos of that just ask and ill post... but i figure... you get the point!!!
Thank you.... it will be sad to see these go... but i want to share their wonders with someone else..... they are quite the find!!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Jamie Jo.... some day... can you teach me, guide me...walk beside me... and learn me how to get the happiest kids in the world......


Please try not to look how fat i have gotten... pregnancy will do that to you....!!! HAHAH!!
ok so i just turned the big 25!!!! i was kind of a hard one for me ill be honest... but i figured what better way to spend a quarter of a century mile stone as to go to the chuck-e-cheese!!! holler.... layton just got one... and it was defiantly an experience...
I thought that it would be new and not all spit covered and gross.... i was only half right.. if i can make a suggestion.... moms... go during the week
 and go during lunch time... not dinner... bad bad baaaad!!! idea!!!!!
it wasn't all bad... Jamie came with Ry and Mills.... 
they had a blast..... Jord and Ry came with MAC... 
my dear friend 
Kellie came cause she is a damn good sport!!! and of course my family came... my mom was in LOVE with the WACK-A-MOLE... 
even though she was having a bad night with her joints... and i think whacking all those moles didn't help out either.... oh and Livie and Gene were there.... i have not yet mentioned that LIVIE AND GENE moved to Utah!!!1 Yahoo!!!! it is great to have your only sib. living in the same state as you again!!!!
It was a good day.... i had a whole bunch of people i love there and next year... it will be better cause i will have my son....

Wanted for MURDER

ok... here is the thing... i don't know where i got it.... My father... he can grow anything which stems from his parents that have a massive beautiful farm.... my mother.... she has the most tomatoes that you have ever seen growing in her back yard.... and she got that from her mother that again.... has a MASSIVE garden and farm in her back yard... IN THE DESERT!!!! 
so... where i got my black thumb... my tainted awful horrible black rotting thumb from is anyones guess..... 
my mother and i ride the train to work in the morning (i swear this story relates) we were on the front runner one day, and my mom made a wise crack about how she hated her job... and she was just going to quit and be a farmer and live off the flat of the land.... i said hold on to you panties Lenny..... you are not cut out to be a farmer... and we were sitting next to this lady... that was a little odd and scraggily... but some how clean... as clean as she could be.... we (mom and me) thought that she was alseep (hold on... i swear it relates) she decides to add in her two farm lovin cents about it all, she says "dont knock the farming life, it is a very good living" my mom trying to stay some what corgil to our new conversating friend... says "oh im not knocking it... but i just wouldn't be good at it... i can't grow a thing... (LIAR!!)" our flat of the land friend says..." Well then you just need to find God."...
i learned a valuable lesson that day... when talking on the train... never assume that people are asleep... you never know when they will throw in one of their God blessed gardening gloves of wisdom...
in closing i need to say something to my victims... may they rest in peace, and im sorry... i tried hard... and im sorry... next time i will give a plant to someone with capable hands...!!!
Erin 7...plants 0

Thursday, August 21, 2008

i felt him.. i felt my son... or did i??

so i need some advise.... i keep thinking that i feel the baby... 
i was at work the other day and i felt the fluttering and the bubbles... i thought.. baby??
about 10 min later and it wasn't the baby more like taco maker nightmare!!

so today i felt a little something happening in my belly again.. bubbles flutters..... BABY???
ACTUALLY STILL NO.. just a little indigestion....

so i need help from all of my fellow mommies... when did you feel your baby move... and what did it feel like...? i want to feel my son so bad but i just can tell if it is him... or if it is my last meal???

Thursday, June 26, 2008

more Wedding photos!!!!!

you wanted them... you got them... here is how you get to the photographers website
click on weddings
click on client galleries (in the top right corner)
click on Erin & Ryan Taylor Wedding

go and check them out and then tell me what you think!!!

and look at this video on Youtube

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

the bells have rang

June 21, 2008 best day EVER!!!
oh and would you look at that view???

ok so i was a little stressed out... no dress... moving my whole department to 72nd south... buying a new car.... ( a moment of silence for the racer........) being in the sleepiest part of pregnancy.. and oh ya... PLAN A WEDDING!!!! 

This is the start of the flowers... i bought 20 2-dozen bundles, and about 4 dozen gerber daisies from Costco.... i did all the flowers by myself and it was a lot of 
work... but a lot cheaper then having someone else do it!!!!
My dear dear sweet loving mother... Connie "the amazing" Deianni... she did all the food... and she did an amazing Job!!!! everyone said the food was delicious and amaz
ing.... she is an amazing mom and she helped more then she w
ill ever know.. honestly i couldn't have done it with out her... and she helped me de-stress before the wedding so i could actually enjoy it!!! i love you mom, words can't express what you mean to me!!!
Enough SAP!!!!
our beloved Pastor Steve.... what can be said about him.... obviously not enough but i will try my hardest to say what i can.  Steve helped us more then he will ever know... through our pre-marriage classes, to his friendship, to the most amazing and touching ceremony, i have ever heard, and not just because it was my own.  Steve has an amazing command of the english language!!! he did the best job in the world!!!! Thank you Steve for everything and all things that you have done for us!!!! God bless you!!!
Pastor Steve taught me that Ryan is God's greatest gift to me... and that I am Ryan's gift... we are Husband and Wife, best friends, and now bound together forever and ever!!! Ryan is the light of my life, and the best husband in the world, he is the kindest and sweetest man i have ever met.. he knows just how i am feeling at all moments and helps me through the lows and he laughs with me on the highs... he is the best man in the world for me and now he is mine forever... i love you so much Ryan... thank you for being my best friend.. my rock.. and now my husband!!!
      The Taylors 6/21/08

Fathers Day

Ryan and I are so blessed that we have 3 fathers... Ernie Stutzman, Richard Taylor, and Rich Deianni... all wonderful men that have influenced us is a HUGE way... we love them very much and i don't think that there are words to express.... look out Ryan.... you have got some big shoes to fill!!!!

Memorial Day

Memorial day is a special day... when i was younger i didn't really get it.. why do we have to have a special day to remember those that have passed..? i just thought about my loved ones that have past all the time.. i didn't just want to do it on one day and that is it!!! but now that i am older.. it is a special day to pay respects... to go out and to make sure that your loved ones that have served and have done epic things through out their lives it is a day to go and make sure that their final resting places are as they should be and time to go out and hang with them in mind, body and soul... well this memorial day hit me pretty hard.. with the war and a lot of people that i know fighting in it, going out to Camp Williams to visit those who have moved on from this life was quite the site... the above photo is just a taste... there were flags everywhere and this was a time that you can really see people that gave up everything for our freedom... and you saw it in mass quantity.. the way that it should be.  God bless our TROOPS!!!
Over Memorial day we went out and visited my sister and Mean Gene... the funny thing is, he isn't mean at all.. he is actually one of the nicest people that you will ever meet in the whole planet!!! anyways... we went out there Mom, rich and I, oh and Gus and Bails.... and we had a glorious time.. we had to leave ryno at home to hang with the pups.... and he had to work... anyways we had a bbq and all sorts of awesome freaking things... 
Livie and Gene threw a bbq with all of their friends and it was a lot of fun.. the best part was this little girl... i just loved her... but no matter how much i did... Gene did more!! Gene is going to make the best dad someday... he loves kids so much... wait... he pretty much is a big kid himself!!! love ya GENE!!!!  oh and another special event at the bbq... it was the first time my mother had ever seen a keg in a shower.... HAHAHAHAH!!! gotta love the mom!!!!

It was a great time!!! thank you guys for such an awesome time!!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wedding Drama

so as of Saturday the 7th... i have found out that my dress that i love more than life itself (above) is RUINED!!!! so i have a week and a half (June 21st) to find a new dress... that fits.. because there is no time to have alterations done... i need a miracle and a hat trick to happen with in the next week.... any one got any advise... dress places to look at.... where i might find said, perfect dress of dresses???? i am at my wits end here... i am almost to the point of finding a nice shirt and limiting photos to waist up!!!! HELP friend HELP!!

Friday, May 30, 2008

i know... im gay

i have been super crappy at making new posts.... and i left my camera cord at work so i have to use one of my old photos.. even though i totally have awesome ones from Memorial day..
so for now... tell me the first thing that you think of when you see this photo.... GO!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Whats NEW

this is a post for everyone that reads this blog..... i would like you all to tell me one thing that is new in your life.... ready go!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

God's plan

Isn't it strange.... you know how you are taught something ever since you were little and you believed it because you either wanted to or because you were told to.... well have you ever actually felt God's plan... recently Ry and I have found a church that we love and a church family that we love... and we have always hear that God has plans for all of us... and that we are all here for a reason, and that "there are no accidents" 
Well that is all well and good but what does that mean... just this last week i had a revaluation... i had something huge happen to me, and to Ry and there was some that lead up to this even and something that followed this event... but the bottom line is that Ryan and i felt it... we felt God's hands leading us down this path and we felt his plan... what an awesome feeling to know that you are being watched over and looked after!!!
we are very blessed with the amazing gifts that we have been blessed with.... our very loving families and our amazing loving friends... and who can forget those very lovable dogs!!!!  we are blessed in our house and it is a wonderful feeling!!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Rylee Jo

Speaking of little kids that rock my freaking world.... i have one of the best friends in America, her name is Jamie Smith... below.... Rylee is the adorable little one above!!!

ok where was i.... oh ya Jamie... i have to tell you that jamie is probably one of my oldest and dearest friends... i met her in seventh grade when my elementary and hers joined together at NLJH!!!!  She was most def the most popular girl in school, and she befriended me with no questions asked!!! she took me under her wing, and she didn't know then, but i did, that she was my saving grace.... Jamie has been there through jeeping in MOAB,  we were both the first ones to turn 16 so we drove everyone EVERYWHERE.  and we loved it... we had stomps in the target parking lot.... we TP'ed the crap out of everyone and he house was the place to be!! (thank you Laurie)  
well it was time to graduate and she went down to SUU and i to USU while she was away she met this freaking amazing man named Steve! They got married and i loved him instantly... they then had a baby a few years later and named her Rylee Jo Smith.... this little girl is the best!!! she has the freaking best personality and Steve is going to have to beat the boys off with a stick!!!! (as you can see)
Well with growing up, comes grown up problems.... what i wouldn't give to have a good old dance in the target parking lot.... well in 06 i got divorced... and it was the lowest part in my life, but Jamie was there and so was Steve, they didn't judge me, they didn't look down on me and thought that i failed.... they just opened their big open arms and hugged me as tight as they could... and at a time when i couldn't feel more empty and alone... Jamie was there with her smile and her incredible optimism, Steve was there with his huge engulfing hugs and then there was Rylee... she was the best therapy there was.... When going through something like that, you feel, alone, ashamed, embarrassed, a failure, and that no one needs you in the world... and there was Rylee... she let me hold her, and she clung to me and slept on my chest... she needed me... and i needed her.... i needed her mom and i needed her dad and the Smith family will never know how much they mean to me!
they were and still are a HUGE light in the darkness and i know that in them i have not only great friends... but i have family!!!
Thank you Jamie for being my friend and my sister for so long.... Steve, thank you for always being there for me to talk to, to joke with and for your hugs when i needed one most! 
And Dear little Rylee, thank you for giving me hope... and faith that i didn't fail.. somethings are just not meant to be.  and restoring in me my self-worth... You are so tiny and so small... but you do amazing things.....!!! i love you all!!!

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Last night we got to baby sit our Nephew Caiden... he is so sweet... he made me want a baby so BAD!!!!!!
In other news... i have decided that i am going to start teaching sunday school.... Ryan and i have been going to Alpine Church and i thought, that a way to get my baby fix is to teach the pre-schoolers.... I'm pretty freaking excited about it!!!! i will be letting you know if it is hurting or helping my drive to be a mom!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Friday, April 18, 2008

St. Croix

WE are OFF!!!! everybody miss us so bad.... i know that you will!!! haha!!!!
stay tuned for some wicked photos!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Dad!

i just wanted to say that i have the best dad in he world!!!! he is so sweet and kind and we just spent about 3  or 4 hours putting tunes on his ipod.... i love that man so much!!!

Thank you for being a great dad!!!! you are the best Big E

Love you

p.s. photos of our ipod-ness will come later

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Deal or NO DEAL

So my Sweet friend Kim, auditioned for Deal or NO Deal... and she made it through the 15,000 and the 12 hour wait and she is in the final 20.... well i get a call from her and she wants me to be her friend on the "mock" taping of the show.... i say not only yea but HELL YA!!! but i had never seen the show before... i watched it last nigh and now i am a believer!!!!! it is so much fun.... so we go to the audition.... the "supporters" that she brought with her was her Dad Corey Ericksen, Her sister Jamie and her husband Steve, her brother Shane, her mother in law Susie and me.... her husband Goose couldn't be there he was on a school trip!!!! but oh mama was it fun..... ok so my role in the "supporters" was i was the token NO DEAL girl..... i loved it..... NO DEAL NO DEAL NO DEAL!!!! 
So there we all are in there screaming and yelling as we are playing the game.... and we get all the way to the end.... there were 6 cases that we were playing with... and we get to the end and there are two cases left... a case for $100 and a case for $500,000, the banker offer on the table was $250,000, i like a horrible friend tell her that she could freaking double it.... Kim... NO DEAL... NO DEAL!!! you don't need his petty 250k.... (boy was i wrong) we end up with the 100 bucks... sorry Kim!!!1 but she loves me anyways and it was just for fakes....
so then... the interviewer come out of left field with.... ok i have to level with you... the producers have gotten a million tapes and they told us that we have to cut it down by half... in my hands (insert two cases with a one and a two on them) i have a yes on one and a no on the other... yes means that the producers will see your tape no means your cut... a stunned silence falls over the crowd... the number 1 case is picked and eternally slow case turn...
the ....
..word was....
YES!!!!! we freaked out.... two drops of pee came out and we freaked our freaks!!!! it was one of the funnest nights in all of my life!!!! then the downer... look for our phone call in the next year..... LAME!!!! but at least we had a good freaking time... and i think that Kim will get it over most people!!!! 
Good Luck Kim... i love you and i really think that you are going to make it on!!!
NO DEAL!!!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Rich

Well today is Richard's Birthday, he is at the ripe old age of OLD!!!  just kidding Rich.... i hope that he has a really great day!!! he is a great Grandpa to my dogs and he is a great person to talk to.... Rich has had a hard year this past year... and i want him to know that the next year is only going to get better.... you are only as old as you want to be AVB!!!!
Love Erin, Ryan, Jack and Luke!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

my Ryno!

Ryan hasn’t quite fallin in love with the blog yet.. He is one of he hardest workers i have ever seen... he is dedicated to his job an he is truly gifted at it...!!!  Ryan really is my reason to live... he is the light of my life and my life is a nut house.. He is the strongest man in the world and he has the softest touch.. he is my rock, my laughter and he is the love of my life! thank you babe for being everything i have ever dreamed!

My Boys

These are my dogs.... and for those of you that know me well, my life... 
they are Goldendoodles and for those that do not know what that means, 
i feel sad for you but i and so giving that i will let you in on the secret... 
they are Golden Retrievers and Standard Poodles mixed... 
big dogs...
NO shedding!!! 
a little piece of heaven!!
Luke to my left... he is almost a year and 54 lbs... so sweet
Jack to my right... that boy is an ANGEL... he was with me in my hardest time in life
for everyone that knows jack, he is a human... he has feelings and is he sweetest dog on the face of the planet... and was there when i needed a companion most
for that Jack i will forever be in your debt!!! i love you bud!
My Dogs are my life and it is annoying to some... but they are everything to me! 

.mac can eat my shorts

Oh hello!!!! so i am over my dotMAC account.. i loved it while it lasted but ill be honest... im over it now... 100 bucks a month..... i love you dotMAC... but not right now!!!
Whats new, i went to St. Croix in January and i am going back in a week, the photo above is from the trip in January!!!

So please leave me some messages and help me morn the loss over my old account!!!! a moment of silence........................
im over it!!!! HOLLER NEW BLOG!!!