Thursday, June 26, 2008

more Wedding photos!!!!!

you wanted them... you got them... here is how you get to the photographers website
click on weddings
click on client galleries (in the top right corner)
click on Erin & Ryan Taylor Wedding

go and check them out and then tell me what you think!!!

and look at this video on Youtube

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

the bells have rang

June 21, 2008 best day EVER!!!
oh and would you look at that view???

ok so i was a little stressed out... no dress... moving my whole department to 72nd south... buying a new car.... ( a moment of silence for the racer........) being in the sleepiest part of pregnancy.. and oh ya... PLAN A WEDDING!!!! 

This is the start of the flowers... i bought 20 2-dozen bundles, and about 4 dozen gerber daisies from Costco.... i did all the flowers by myself and it was a lot of 
work... but a lot cheaper then having someone else do it!!!!
My dear dear sweet loving mother... Connie "the amazing" Deianni... she did all the food... and she did an amazing Job!!!! everyone said the food was delicious and amaz
ing.... she is an amazing mom and she helped more then she w
ill ever know.. honestly i couldn't have done it with out her... and she helped me de-stress before the wedding so i could actually enjoy it!!! i love you mom, words can't express what you mean to me!!!
Enough SAP!!!!
our beloved Pastor Steve.... what can be said about him.... obviously not enough but i will try my hardest to say what i can.  Steve helped us more then he will ever know... through our pre-marriage classes, to his friendship, to the most amazing and touching ceremony, i have ever heard, and not just because it was my own.  Steve has an amazing command of the english language!!! he did the best job in the world!!!! Thank you Steve for everything and all things that you have done for us!!!! God bless you!!!
Pastor Steve taught me that Ryan is God's greatest gift to me... and that I am Ryan's gift... we are Husband and Wife, best friends, and now bound together forever and ever!!! Ryan is the light of my life, and the best husband in the world, he is the kindest and sweetest man i have ever met.. he knows just how i am feeling at all moments and helps me through the lows and he laughs with me on the highs... he is the best man in the world for me and now he is mine forever... i love you so much Ryan... thank you for being my best friend.. my rock.. and now my husband!!!
      The Taylors 6/21/08

Fathers Day

Ryan and I are so blessed that we have 3 fathers... Ernie Stutzman, Richard Taylor, and Rich Deianni... all wonderful men that have influenced us is a HUGE way... we love them very much and i don't think that there are words to express.... look out Ryan.... you have got some big shoes to fill!!!!

Memorial Day

Memorial day is a special day... when i was younger i didn't really get it.. why do we have to have a special day to remember those that have passed..? i just thought about my loved ones that have past all the time.. i didn't just want to do it on one day and that is it!!! but now that i am older.. it is a special day to pay respects... to go out and to make sure that your loved ones that have served and have done epic things through out their lives it is a day to go and make sure that their final resting places are as they should be and time to go out and hang with them in mind, body and soul... well this memorial day hit me pretty hard.. with the war and a lot of people that i know fighting in it, going out to Camp Williams to visit those who have moved on from this life was quite the site... the above photo is just a taste... there were flags everywhere and this was a time that you can really see people that gave up everything for our freedom... and you saw it in mass quantity.. the way that it should be.  God bless our TROOPS!!!
Over Memorial day we went out and visited my sister and Mean Gene... the funny thing is, he isn't mean at all.. he is actually one of the nicest people that you will ever meet in the whole planet!!! anyways... we went out there Mom, rich and I, oh and Gus and Bails.... and we had a glorious time.. we had to leave ryno at home to hang with the pups.... and he had to work... anyways we had a bbq and all sorts of awesome freaking things... 
Livie and Gene threw a bbq with all of their friends and it was a lot of fun.. the best part was this little girl... i just loved her... but no matter how much i did... Gene did more!! Gene is going to make the best dad someday... he loves kids so much... wait... he pretty much is a big kid himself!!! love ya GENE!!!!  oh and another special event at the bbq... it was the first time my mother had ever seen a keg in a shower.... HAHAHAHAH!!! gotta love the mom!!!!

It was a great time!!! thank you guys for such an awesome time!!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wedding Drama

so as of Saturday the 7th... i have found out that my dress that i love more than life itself (above) is RUINED!!!! so i have a week and a half (June 21st) to find a new dress... that fits.. because there is no time to have alterations done... i need a miracle and a hat trick to happen with in the next week.... any one got any advise... dress places to look at.... where i might find said, perfect dress of dresses???? i am at my wits end here... i am almost to the point of finding a nice shirt and limiting photos to waist up!!!! HELP friend HELP!!