Thursday, January 29, 2009

Croix is ONE month old....

Oh the things that this little nugget does!!!!   Croix is a little over a month so we thought that we would post some of his favorite things that he is doing so far...

He loves loves his baths.... he used to freak out at first but now he loves the shix out of them.... he always tells me.. mom please give me a bath i love it in there... at least that is what my brain translates his piercing screams to be!! and in this photo he loves to stare at himself in the mirror.. narcissist... he takes after his dad! HA
i tried to make him a soap mohawk.. it is one of my favorite past times so i though maybe it would be one of his as well.... i am pretty sure everyone has made them selves one... and i challenge you... tonight... actually right after reading this.. i want you to go and turn the shower on... and make yourself a mohawk .... maybe two if your hair allows... then come back and look at the rest of these photos... dont forget to tell me what you made!
Mom: Why?
Croix: well because mom... there are all of these fun animals on it... and it is helping me get my groove thing on... and it is also helping me learn to shake my money maker at a very young age... and above all else... it helps me push the farts out when i just cant manage by myself....
Mom: oh is that why you poop every time you are in there??
Croix: Yes mom... and in fact you can go ahead and stay home and not go back to work... cause as soon as i discover my hands.. i am going to invent bouncing, vibrating toilets so that everyone in the world can discover the joy and carefree feeling of an effortless poop!!!
Mom: You are a good son... already thinking of others.... IM SO PROUD (tear)
These booties.... i love these... no his feet are not that big yet... but they have that tie... that i can tie tight enough to make them stay on his little legs.... THANK YOU CHRIS for making those for him...!!!

p.s. i swear he doesn't have worms, illistrated by the photo below... he just really really likes his food... and he has a popbelly just like his mama!!!
and the next thing i will do smithers... TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!
This is Croix hanging out with his best pal jack... he loves to relax and watch tv with the jacko!
he is really just the most delicious baby on the planet... could you just eat his little face...???
Ok now this photo is truly unique in the fact that this is him ROLLING over for the FIRST time!!!! he was on his belly one min and on his back the second....!!! i couldn't believe it!!! one month and rolling over... i dont care what anyone says i am POSITIVE he is GENUS!!!
Once you get over how smart he is.... please dont judge him by his seemingly freakishly long fingers... it is just the camera.... however i need to take a moment and thank God for the money saving sweater that he provided my son with at birth... it is going to save a lot of money for us for years to come!!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

boooo for blogger...

i tried to freaking upload photos on this damn thing and they said that i couldn't due to an internal error.... that the FUSS!!!! if anyone knows what that means or how i can get around it... please let me know... i want to post some photos of my little man!!

my sweet little Croix boy!!

ok ok... im sorry that it has taken me so long to update... but this being a new mom thing is a little rough.... 

Croix was born on CHRISTMAS... yes i know he will probably hate it later... but i think that it is pretty special that God picked him to be born one Jesus' birthday... but if Croix gets mad... we will celebrate a half birthday or something.... my water broke that morning... and after 7 hours of labor and an emergency C-Section, 4 hours of triage for Croix later (that damn chord wrapped around his delicious little neck) he was out and happy.... and he is amazing.... he is the sweetest little boy on the planet.... i love him more then life....

also have i mentioned that i have the best friends and family on the planet.... my family was there in the hospital and they all skipped Christmas... they came back to the hospital in groves and they were all there to share their love and support for Ryan and me... and of course the Croister!!!  we have had endless dinners brought to our house as well as gifts by the millions and visitors.... for all of you out there that have been so great to us... thank you... THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart (which i think grew about 100 times on christmas.... ha just like the grinch... but i swear i am not now nor have i been grinch like!!!)  Thank you to all of the people that love us and have gone out of their way in this busy holiday season as well as braved this horrible weather to come and see our new family!!! i love you all so much... Thank you!!!!