Sunday, April 27, 2008

Friday, April 18, 2008

St. Croix

WE are OFF!!!! everybody miss us so bad.... i know that you will!!! haha!!!!
stay tuned for some wicked photos!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Dad!

i just wanted to say that i have the best dad in he world!!!! he is so sweet and kind and we just spent about 3  or 4 hours putting tunes on his ipod.... i love that man so much!!!

Thank you for being a great dad!!!! you are the best Big E

Love you

p.s. photos of our ipod-ness will come later

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Deal or NO DEAL

So my Sweet friend Kim, auditioned for Deal or NO Deal... and she made it through the 15,000 and the 12 hour wait and she is in the final 20.... well i get a call from her and she wants me to be her friend on the "mock" taping of the show.... i say not only yea but HELL YA!!! but i had never seen the show before... i watched it last nigh and now i am a believer!!!!! it is so much fun.... so we go to the audition.... the "supporters" that she brought with her was her Dad Corey Ericksen, Her sister Jamie and her husband Steve, her brother Shane, her mother in law Susie and me.... her husband Goose couldn't be there he was on a school trip!!!! but oh mama was it fun..... ok so my role in the "supporters" was i was the token NO DEAL girl..... i loved it..... NO DEAL NO DEAL NO DEAL!!!! 
So there we all are in there screaming and yelling as we are playing the game.... and we get all the way to the end.... there were 6 cases that we were playing with... and we get to the end and there are two cases left... a case for $100 and a case for $500,000, the banker offer on the table was $250,000, i like a horrible friend tell her that she could freaking double it.... Kim... NO DEAL... NO DEAL!!! you don't need his petty 250k.... (boy was i wrong) we end up with the 100 bucks... sorry Kim!!!1 but she loves me anyways and it was just for fakes....
so then... the interviewer come out of left field with.... ok i have to level with you... the producers have gotten a million tapes and they told us that we have to cut it down by half... in my hands (insert two cases with a one and a two on them) i have a yes on one and a no on the other... yes means that the producers will see your tape no means your cut... a stunned silence falls over the crowd... the number 1 case is picked and eternally slow case turn...
the ....
..word was....
YES!!!!! we freaked out.... two drops of pee came out and we freaked our freaks!!!! it was one of the funnest nights in all of my life!!!! then the downer... look for our phone call in the next year..... LAME!!!! but at least we had a good freaking time... and i think that Kim will get it over most people!!!! 
Good Luck Kim... i love you and i really think that you are going to make it on!!!
NO DEAL!!!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Rich

Well today is Richard's Birthday, he is at the ripe old age of OLD!!!  just kidding Rich.... i hope that he has a really great day!!! he is a great Grandpa to my dogs and he is a great person to talk to.... Rich has had a hard year this past year... and i want him to know that the next year is only going to get better.... you are only as old as you want to be AVB!!!!
Love Erin, Ryan, Jack and Luke!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

my Ryno!

Ryan hasn’t quite fallin in love with the blog yet.. He is one of he hardest workers i have ever seen... he is dedicated to his job an he is truly gifted at it...!!!  Ryan really is my reason to live... he is the light of my life and my life is a nut house.. He is the strongest man in the world and he has the softest touch.. he is my rock, my laughter and he is the love of my life! thank you babe for being everything i have ever dreamed!

My Boys

These are my dogs.... and for those of you that know me well, my life... 
they are Goldendoodles and for those that do not know what that means, 
i feel sad for you but i and so giving that i will let you in on the secret... 
they are Golden Retrievers and Standard Poodles mixed... 
big dogs...
NO shedding!!! 
a little piece of heaven!!
Luke to my left... he is almost a year and 54 lbs... so sweet
Jack to my right... that boy is an ANGEL... he was with me in my hardest time in life
for everyone that knows jack, he is a human... he has feelings and is he sweetest dog on the face of the planet... and was there when i needed a companion most
for that Jack i will forever be in your debt!!! i love you bud!
My Dogs are my life and it is annoying to some... but they are everything to me! 

.mac can eat my shorts

Oh hello!!!! so i am over my dotMAC account.. i loved it while it lasted but ill be honest... im over it now... 100 bucks a month..... i love you dotMAC... but not right now!!!
Whats new, i went to St. Croix in January and i am going back in a week, the photo above is from the trip in January!!!

So please leave me some messages and help me morn the loss over my old account!!!! a moment of silence........................
im over it!!!! HOLLER NEW BLOG!!!