Friday, April 17, 2009

The joy…or lack there of… of STRING CHEESE

I consider myself a reasonable person, people that know me,… would probably venture to say that I am pretty easy going…and those that are real near and dear would say that I am a happy-go-lucky type of girl..?

 I love Cheeses… my body and (excuse me) bowels may not love it… but I LOVE it… all kinds feta, extra sharp cheddar, Goat, Brie, Blue Cheese, the expensive kind my mom buys from Caputos,  when I get to heaven I will be sitting there… with Ryan to my left… Croix to my right… and we will all be atop a mound of varying cheeses….i am an even kill chick that loves to indulge in these decadent little heavenly morsels, Then why.. may I ask of you… do I get so worked up over this little modern marveling piece of blasphemy!!!

 String Cheese… as you are walking through the store, usually it is in and out and you only zone in on the things you need…. Not often do you actually take in all that your local grocer has to offer. However sometimes… you eye catches that sparkling little wrapper encasing the string cheese... something inside of you goes off... like you are a child again and you have just seen a box of play dough… or better yet STRING CHEESE. Or maybe you get all worked up because it is a mini snack… I don’t know about you.. but when ever there is something mini I have to have it…I could open up a store with nothing but mini things in it.. And i would do millions annually (no one take my idea… I promise ill give you 10% off!!!) Don’t act like you would frequent The Magical Marvel of all things MINI superstore coming near you… (I digress) But the String Cheese.. I don’t know why I always find myself pulling at the cheese… it could be the mini and it could be the childhood memories... it could be that they are always 2 for a dollar and who doesn’t love a bargin?  But the ultimate let down that this stringy cheese brings on, is enough to steer me clear of using my hard earned money on this dairy disappointment!! I have been thinking and thanking and I think that I have it!!!


 You have to work so hard to get it to come off and if you do get it off… half the time it is have the cheesy log, why when I think of string cheese does my mind go right to pull-n-peels.. that is what string cheese should be like tiny little even sizes cheese delights that are there for you and not frustrating because you can never divide the string cheese like you should….and why should I have to finish my snack feeling less then satisfied because this pasteurized dairy problem child cant live up to its name sake??

 I vote that if Obama can’t do anything else that he promised I think that the LEAST that he owes the American people is to CHANGE this wrongfully appointed stingless stringy cheese! 

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